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How to judge the quality of sushi nori?


Sushi nori is an essential raw material for making sushi, however, there are many brands of sushi nori on the market, and the packaging is all kinds, which makes people choose beautiful, how to choose satisfactory sushi nori? Today, we will identify the quality of sushi nori from the following points, although we can not tell which brand of yaki sushi nori is better, but it is still a good way to help us avoid the pit. To identify the quality of nori sushi is mainly based on the following points, one is to look at the appearance, the second is to smell, and finally taste.

The appearance is an important method to identify the quality of nori in sushi. "Watch" is not a simple look, here is very exquisite, to check whether the appearance is smooth, if there is a hole, the phenomenon such as shrinkage, only the appearance of the sushi seaweed also can judge the quality and technology of the good and bad, in general, the seaweed edge smooth, with good quality no holes, no shrinkage, processed presents with shiny dark green.

Secondly, when choosing sushi nori, we also need to smell, taste, judge whether sushi nori has a fishy taste, taste is tender and smooth, whether it is not easy to chew, whether the fragrance is strong and so on, generally good nori, taste natural delicious and melting in the mouth.

Through a variety of senses, we can feel the quality of sushi nori, can not just look at the brand to judge.