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How to identify the quality of nori sushi?


Sushi nori is regarded as the soul of sushi, in Japanese and Korean cuisine, many dishes can see traces of crispy yaki nori snack, therefore, sushi nori demand a lot, in Japanese stores, Korean stores, supermarkets, home kitchens and many other uses.

So how should we choose sushi nori? What should I pay attention to? Next, let's look at how to choose sushi nori, in fact, the selection is not so difficult as imagined, remember three points: choose the manufacturer, look at the quality, compare the price.

Because sushi nori is generally used in sushi shops, hotels, restaurants, etc., therefore, the number of each package of sushi nori is more, the number of purchase is also relatively large. For consumer demand quantity is larger, at the time of choice, should first select normal, strong seaweed manufacturers on wholesale, wholesale purchasing must understand the basic information of the seaweed production manufacturer, to ensure food safety and quality problem, for personal a small amount of purchase, through formal channels, suppliers, Choose well-known manufacturers to produce sushi nori, generally there is no problem.

When buying sushi nori, pay attention to identify the quality of sushi nori, it is priced according to the grade, the higher the grade, the color of nori is brighter, dark green, with natural fresh fragrance. Generally, nori is divided into five grades from high to low, which are A, B, C, D and E, among which, GRADE B sushi nori is more popular.

About the price comparison, batch procurement of sushi nori can directly choose sushi nori manufacturers to buy, such as China's Fujian, Jiangsu and other regions, without middlemen, the price will be more beautiful, and a small number of users, can be through all kinds of shopping platforms, online supermarket comparison and purchase.