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What suggestions pure laver manufacturers to wholesalers?


There are a variety of pure laver products on the market, we can often see black, green, purple laver, and laver process wholesale, how to identify the quality of laver by color? Usually, we can sell green purple and black purple laver. The difference in color is caused by the relationship between the environment and the growth stage, but the nutritional value is the same. So why not recommend buying purple pure laver wholesale? This is because the color of pure laver appears purple, indicating that its freshness is not ideal, and has begun to deteriorate, therefore, it is not recommended to buy such pure laver. Since the wholesale volume of laver is generally large, it takes a certain amount of time to digest the stock, and the quality of laver will deteriorate if it is stored for a long time.

Wholesale pure laver, to choose dark purple-black, thin and shiny, at the same time, we should check whether the size of the appearance is uniform, the entrance should be umami, no heavy fishy taste. And those pieces of thick, yellow-green, dark color, impurities are generally poor quality laver, we try not to choose them in the wholesale laver.

The smell is an important step in the wholesale process of laver. If the pure laver has a natural smell, it is fresh and of good quality, while a fishy smell indicates that it has gone bad. Pure laver is seafood, but it doesn't necessarily smell fishy.

Tender laver in wholesale, it is recommended to taste, to choose easy to chew, light fresh fragrance, if you encounter difficult to chew laver, this laver is relatively old, taste with a strong fishy smell, do not recommend procurement, such pure laver there is a risk of deterioration.

When we wholesale pure laver, not only look at the price, should be carefully identified, looking for the right source of goods.