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Pure laver suppliers teach you how to choose laver


There are many ways to eat pure laver, it can be used to make soup and stir-fry, choose high-quality laver can make delicious dishes, but if you carelessly buy poor-quality pure laver, it is not only difficult to taste the delicious taste of pure laver, but also become very difficult to make laver, and can not let people feel the taste buds flavor. The dishes are not beautiful, and can not give people a beautiful enjoyment. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of laver, laver manufacturers and experienced wholesalers have the right to speak on this issue.

Pure laver manufacturers and experienced wholesalers give you a few quick tips to distinguish the pros and cons of pure laver.

Smell the pure laver. High-quality laver with a natural fragrance, if there is a fishy smell, mildew, and other peculiar smell, that laver has gone bad, the smell is light seafood, indicating that the quality of pure laver is relatively good, no pollution deterioration.

Look at the appearance of pure laver. Good pure laver is dark brown and shiny. If the gloss is poor, red mixed with green, indicating poor quality pure laver. Look at the degree of pure laver thickness is uniform, the degree of thickness is uneven that pure laver manufacturers processing quality problems, in general, the production of regular laver manufacturers will not appear this problem.

If the pure laver is moist to the touch, the pure laver is rehydrated. Good rehydrated laver should be dry and free of gravel. If you feel sand, that means there are too many impurities in the pure laver, which will affect the taste of pure laver, and it is also very troublesome to deal with.

Pure laver, that's very important. High-quality pure laver after soaking almost no impurities, leaves are relatively neat; Poor quality pure laver impurities, uneven leaves.

Cook pure laver. High-quality pure laver is green when cooked, and poor-quality pure laver is purple when cooked.

True quality pure laver, need correct storage and high-quality processing, to retain more nutrients in the pure laver, let us eat healthy rest assured.