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What should I pay special attention to when purchasing laver?


Laver and tasty, and since ancient times have medicinal value, in the "compendium of materia medica", and recorded in a compendium of material medica have dieted at ordinary times we can use laver soup to make delicious food, delicious, easy to store, want to eat eat, all the year round can buy dried 20g pure laver, today to share something about procurement, storage, and edible laver points, I hope you can enjoy the taste of laver.

In the choice of purchase methods, we should buy laver through formal channels, and retain shopping vouchers. When choosing, the first choice is purple-black, shiny, thin and with no impurities of laver, also want to smell a smell of laver has no smell, high-quality laver has a light seafood taste, do not choose the wrong OH!

When eating, we should pay attention to whether laver is spoiled, whether the packaging is damaged, and the problem of the use of desiccant. If the packaging is damaged, laver becomes purple or mildew, it is recommended not to eat it, and special attention should be paid to it. If the desiccant package is damaged, nori is not edible. If you eat the desiccant by accident or stray into your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice in time.

High-quality laver soup is delicious, without the additional addition of umami, the umami itself is just right, otherwise, it will backfire, and lose the sense of nature.

Storage of laver under sunlight or high temperature and high humidity environment, will cause the laver quality issue such as the difference of degradation, loss of nutrition, and taste, therefore, seaweed can be stored in a dark and sealed place, here is important to note that the fridge freezer is not suitable for storage of laver, this is because the humidity is higher, in the refrigerator will make nori softened.