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What factors are involved in the pricing of seaweed sandwich?


Seaweed sandwich is a snack that many people like to eat, especially children. However, when we buy seaweed sandwich, we will find that the price difference is relatively large, so we don't know how to start. So, let's analyze the price gap of seaweed sandwich.

Seaweed sandwich is a sandwich combination formed of nori and various nuts. Its cost is mainly composed of nori cost, sandwich cost, seasoning cost, and packaging cost. Of course, the brand premium of the product is also considered. Brand premium aside, consider the impact of raw material costs on the price of stuffed laver.

As we all know, the price represents the value, and the advantages and disadvantages of seaweed sandwich raw materials naturally reflect its value. Therefore, the price of high-quality raw materials will rise, and conversely, the price of low-quality raw materials will be lower. We see that the price of seaweed sandwich has high and low, so, what about its raw materials?

First is the quality of seaweed, seaweed is made by A streak of seaweed, quality from high to low is divided into A, B, C, D, E five grades, which grade A blackish green color, luster, taste delicious, prices are relatively high, sandwich part of nuts succulent rich, natural fruit, nuts, and high- quality seaweed combination of high quality, then make seaweed sandwich, It can also be expensive, and cheap seaweed sandwich usually uses low-grade nori and nuts, which are cheap, but not nearly as tasty as good seaweed sandwich.