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What factors determine the price of wholesale pure laver?


Pure laver is a very common food in our country. It tastes delicious and can be used to produce various kinds of foods. At present, altar laver and striped laver are the main two wholesale varieties of pure laver in our country, among which altar laver is mainly used for soup, and the strip is mainly used to make sushi seaweed, sandwich seaweed, and other seaweed food.

If we want to wholesale pure laver, what are the common problems to pay attention to? We need to pay attention to the grade of pure laver, comparing samples with bulk, storage after wholesale, etc.

In the pure laver wholesale industry, also pay attention to the way of trading, usually, altar laver is priced in kilograms, while striped laver is priced in the "number of pieces". In addition, pure laver is often priced by grade when wholesale, so understanding the grade of laver is a required course.

Dry pure laver processing will be divided into ABCDE grades according to the level of quality, some manufacturers will be on this basis and then carefully divided, such as A1/A2/A3. The classification of the grade is mainly based on the harvest batch, shape, color, aroma, presence of holes, miscellaneous algae, and other factors. The higher the grade, the better the quality, but the higher the price.

In pure laver wholesale, we should pay attention to whether samples and bulk goods are unified, and some manufacturers may differ in the quality of samples and bulk goods. When we wholesale pure laver, we should take care to keep samples to avoid any disputes.

In addition, we want to understand the storage method of purple pure seaweed, in timely and correct storage of pure seaweed after wholesale. Pure laver needs to be stored away from light and moisture, and cold storage is recommended to minimize damage.