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What factors affect the price of roasted seaweed rolls?


High-quality roasted seaweed rolls are a nutritious food. When purchasing, it is often priced according to different quality levels. How to judge the quality? We mainly judged it according to the appearance, smell, and taste of the roasted seaweed rolls.

The roasted seaweed rolls roll is bright in color, with seafood flavor, and delicious taste and the entrance is tender and not difficult to chew, these three points are the conditions to judge the merits of the baked laver roll.

The raw material of the roasted seaweed rolls is laver, and the price of the laver is priced according to its grade. The grade of the laver is divided according to its color. Generally, the higher the grade, the more pigment, and the unique dark green color of the roasted seaweed rolls can be formed. The content of the pigment in laver is affected by Marine topography, water temperature, sunlight amount, nutritional composition, and other factors. Generally speaking, laver growing in low salinity waters near estuaries has a high cellulose content and is often reddish brown, while laver growing in the sea has a higher proportion of anthocyanins and a stronger blue pigment.

The glossiness of laver is mainly determined by the intensity of the reflected light on the surface of the leaf body. The smoother the surface, the stronger the reflected light. Therefore, if you use laver as raw material that has died or died due to aging or disease, the roasted seaweed rolls will have a smooth but dull surface.

In the initial processing of laver, due to incomplete cleaning, excessive residual salt, and incomplete drying, the surface glossiness of dried laver will also be poor, and the glossiness of such laver will be greatly reduced and cannot reach the quality standard. In the process of making roasted seaweed rolls, heat-resistant pigment will decompose and change. At this time, the chlorophyll with strong heat resistance will remain green, which will turn green and black. Therefore, the raw materials with more chlorophyll to make roasted seaweed rolls will have a strong baked color.