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How to judge the price of nori?


For many practitioners in the nori industry, the fluctuation of nori price will directly affect their purchase costs and profits, so paying attention to the latest price has become a daily necessity. So where do we get this important information?

Pay attention to the production of raw materials, the production of raw materials will directly affect the price of pan laver. For the price fluctuation of nori, we can analyze it from raw material - porphyra. The production season of porphyra is from December to May each year. Generally speaking, the laver grows well in that year, which is its harvest year. Compared with the bad harvest year, the price will drop to a certain extent. If the laver, the raw material of nori, is not ideal, then the price of nori is likely to rise.

Pay attention to the price of large trade fairs, in addition to paying attention to the harvest of laver in that year, but also pay attention to the dry laver fair around the world, which can also reflect the raw material cost of sea moss, and then can analyze the price fluctuation of sea moss. If the bidding price of porphyra rises at the fair, then the price of nori will also rise significantly in the near future. If the bidding price falls, it is necessary to observe the price fluctuation for several periods.

Focus on the major network platform for wholesale price, if more than two channels without access to real-time information, so, also can focus on some online wholesale platform, the price of these large laver wholesale platform are generally not real-time fluctuation, there will be more latest nori price fluctuations, wholesalers can focus on the latest price, in order to timely adjust their strategy of wholesale Stock up when prices fall and watch for a while when porphyra prices rise.