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What factors affect the price of laver?


Laver is a very important seaweed crop in China. It not only brings economic benefits to coastal residents, but also brings delicious food and nutrition to people's table.

Laver wholesale price fluctuation is a normal phenomenon, it is understood that laver trade and industrial products trade has an essential difference, each stage of pan laver price will fluctuate, of course, the price may be up, may also be down, but not everyone can accurately judge its rise or fall. So, what factors are involved in the wholesale price fluctuations of laver? Generally speaking, there are two reasons, one is the output of laver that year, the two is the market supply and demand.

Laver is farmed in the sea and only harvested at certain times of the year to produce dried laver raw materials. Therefore, the wholesale price of laver is affected by the production of new raw materials in the year. If laver is harvested, its price will fall slightly, and if laver production falls, the wholesale price of laver will rise.

In addition, the supply and demand of the market will be the price, which is the invariable economic truth, therefore, another factor affecting the wholesale price of laver is the supply and demand of the laver market, when the supply exceeds the demand, the wholesale price of laver will fall, the demand is greater than the supply, the wholesale price will naturally rise.