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When is the price of laver lower?


According to the quality of different grades of laver, the price of different grades is also different. Before we wholesale 20g pure laver, we need to make clear which laver our customers have the greatest demand for, and then select the source of goods accordingly. In this way, we can not only narrow the scope of looking for the source of goods but also avoid hoarding due to the difference between the grade of dishes and the user's demand.

Like agricultural products, the price of laver fluctuates with the seasons, supply, and demand. Generally, when we wholesale laver, the price of laver will change. If we want to buy cost-effective laver, we need to pay attention to the changes in the market of nori, and then conduct wholesale procurement of laver at the right time. We don't need to rush into buying.

In addition to understanding customer demand and laver price, we also need to understand the wholesale channels of laver. At present, it is generally manufacturer wholesale, offline trading market wholesale, online laver wholesale website wholesale, factory wholesale refers to some laver manufacturers, but also directly provide laver wholesale, offline trading market has a high threshold, which is also the traditional laver wholesale channel. Suitable for large quantities, and familiar with laver customers, the online laver wholesale website has some advantages is convenient and fast, and some product's wholesale quantity is not particularly large.