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How to preserve yaki sushi nori to avoid deterioration?


Yaki sushi nori is one of the necessary ingredients for making sushi, it tastes delicious, and nutritious, a lot of people love to eat it, some people go to the restaurant to eat sushi, and many people like to make sushi at home, at this time we will worry about buying yaki sushi nori quality is good, if eat up taste abnormalities, also not easy to chew, so, It's a matter of quality or preservation.

Seaweed is a streak of yaki sushi nori seaweed as raw materials processed, under normal circumstances, the smell of seaweed sushi with natural seafood flavor, very delicious, but also some people think that seaweed sushi isn't good, tastes strange, in the mouth to chew, this is likely to be bought inferior or improper storage products.

If the yaki sushi nori is not chewing, it may be the use of a relatively low grade of dry Porphyra as raw materials processed, low grade of seaweed contains more fiber, which will make the taste rough, and umami weak, so it feels uncomfortable to eat.

In addition, the storage of yaki sushi nori is also very important, it needs to avoid light, dry, sealed preservation, avoid water absorption caused by flavor, and mildew. Yaki sushi nori is easy to absorb moisture in the air, and the ultraviolet rays of the sun will also break down the nutrients and flavor elements in yaki sushi nori. Therefore, if sushi seaweed is exposed to air and sunlight, its taste is easy to change, and even produces an odor.

Advice when the choose and buying yaki sushi nori, we chose to seal and article with a self-styled yaki sushi nori, easy to use after the rest of the yaki sushi nori to save, we also need to observe whether appearance luster, blackish green color, the smell of nature, when the choose and buy note that these can reduce the probability of the buy bad yaki sushi nori.