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How to preserve the seaweed sandwich after opening?


Seaweed sandwich is a very popular leisure snack because it has a special flavor and rich nutrition, so it is deeply loved by children, young and old people. So, can you know how to preserve the seaweed sandwich after opening it?

Usually, the first thing people think of when storing food is storing it in the refrigerator. A seaweed sandwich is a kind of food filled with nori and various nuts, dried fruit, etc. Can this kind of snack be stored in the refrigerator? Let's first understand the storage of nori. When the nori is stored after opening, it is required to avoid light and moisture. Unopened nori can be stored in cold storage. This is because the sealed packaging insulates the air and makes the internal product humidity stable, so it can be stored in cold storage. Then, due to the high humidity of the refrigerator, nori is easy to absorb moisture, return moisture, mold and deteriorate in the humid environment, and even breed bacteria. Therefore, unsealed nori is not suitable for refrigeration and preservation, usually as long as it is protected from light and moisture.

The outer layer of the seaweed sandwich is two pieces of nori, and the middle is the sandwich. After opening, it is easy to be spoiled by moisture. Therefore, it is not suitable for refrigeration and preservation in refrigerators with high humidity. We usually buy seaweed sandwiches in cans, and foil bags, and keep them in a cool, dry place.