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How to preserve the raw materials of nori?


Many of us like to eat nori, which is delicious, but I want to eat the nori as soon as possible, otherwise, it will be affected by moisture. How do nori manufacturers preserve the sea tundra material they produce in large quantities every year?

The market can see yaki sushi nori, seaweed sandwich, and other nori products throughout the year, but as raw materials of nori Porphyra, its production season is very short, from harvest to processing time is mainly in November of the year to the next year in April and May. So, how do nori manufacturers preserve this striped laver, so that there are nori products on the market all year round? During the shelf life of the dried Porphyra, we need to maintain the color, aroma, and taste of the dried Porphyra, otherwise, the quality of the nori will be greatly compromised and the preservation of the dried Porphyra will be meaningless.

The results showed that the factors affecting the quality of dried laver during storage included water content, ambient temperature, humidity, light, oxygen, etc. Light mainly refers to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight, which can decompose carotenoids and chlorophyll in the laver, and the combination of oxygen and water can lead to the loss of vitamins in the laver, and anaerobic storage technology is a necessary condition for the storage of raw materials of seaweed manufacturers.

In addition, the storage of nori raw materials is also related to the water content of nori after single processing; the longer the storage time, the higher the water content, and the shorter the shelf life of dried nori.

When preserving raw materials, nori manufacturers should choose dry nori raw materials with low water content, which can be stored away from light and without oxygen, so that more consumers can eat delicious nori in the season when nori is not produced.