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How to preserve roasted laver to reduce spoilage?


For laver wholesalers, large-scale procurement will undoubtedly have some price concessions, but it also brings a problem, how to store large quantities of 20g pure laver,? Once improperly stored, the liver will spoil, but there will be a loss.

So how should wholesale laver be stored? Facing this problem that troubles most people, we will talk about the storage method of laver today. Different laver products have different preservation methods to store in a suitable way to reduce unnecessary losses caused by wholesale laver. Common laver products include dried laver and roasted laver. Let's take a look at the differences between the packaging of these two laver products.

Dry laver is generally vacuum packed in PE bags after processing, but desiccant is not placed. Dry laver is easy to absorb moisture deterioration, PE bag sealing performance is limited, generally stored at room temperature for about 10-12 months, pay attention to storage should avoid light storage, it is suggested that you can in a large carton inside the aluminum foil bag, and then put a bag of the packaged dry laver in the carton. In addition, there is another way to preserve, which is cold storage. Under certain temperature and humidity conditions, dried laver can be preserved for more than 10 years with little nutrient loss.

Many small and medium-sized wholesalers have a high demand for a roasted laver. The price of roasted laver will fluctuate, when the price falls, some people may wholesale more roasted laver, how to store this time is a big problem. The packaging form of roasted laver is similar to that of dried laver, which is generally packed with a PE bag vacuum. The difference is that desiccant is added. When stored, it is protected from light and moisture, and loaded into an aluminum foil bag.

Although dried laver and roasted laver can be stored in cold stored storage after wholesale, they should be processed as soon as possible after opening, because the humidity of the refrigerator is high, it will accelerate deterioration, so it is not suitable to be placed in the refrigerator.