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How to preserve open yaki sushi nori?


Sushi is a unique regional food, and in recent years is also popular all over the world, some people will choose to buy their ingredients to make sushi, so, the production of sushi needs to prepare what ingredients? Usually, we need to prepare raw materials such as yaki sushi nori, rice, sushi vinegar, cucumber, and other basic ingredients as well as their favorite ingredients, which can be made into a variety of flavors of sushi. Yaki sushi nori for sushi, is its soul, visible yaki sushi nori status is not ordinary, then, how should we choose yaki sushi nori?

Let's start with the color of the yaki sushi nori. The surface of high-quality sushi nori is dark green with luster. The higher the grade, the better the glossiness of yaki sushi nori. If there is no luster, it means that the grade of yaki sushi nori is lower and the quality is slightly worse. When buying in general families, you can focus on the color and gloss of yaki sushi nori. If it is purple, it indicates that it has deteriorated and should not be purchased.

After we have seen the color of yaki sushi nori, we can also observe whether its appearance is smooth and whether there are too many holes and impurities, so as not to break easily when wrapping sushi because of too many holes. However, too many impurities will affect the taste. Flatness is also one of the important criteria to determine the grade of yaki sushi nori. The grade of poor flatness is generally not high, and the price is relatively cheap.

The smell of sushi nori is to judge whether it is fresh, fresh yaki sushi nori has a slight sea taste, if there is a strong smell, it indicates that it is spoiled. Try to avoid buying such products.

High-quality yaki sushi nori tastes crisp and has a certain toughness. Do not purchase paper-like sushi nori, which not only tastes bad but also has an unsatisfactory flavor. The yaki sushi nori used for making sushi should not be too crisp and tender, so as not to break easily. Open sushi nori should be sealed in dry storage, away from moisture and direct sunlight.