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How to preserve nori properly?


Nori is our snack box, the table is very common food, we are not unfamiliar with it, like sushi nori used to wrap rice and other ingredients, made into sushi, nori can also be broken to make rice balls, nori can also make a lot of delicious snacks, such as 4.5g traditional seasoned seaweed snack,16g BBQ flavor instant roasted crispy seaweed snack,80g canned instant seaweed omelet,300g rice chips,32g sesame topping seaweed pastry,28.8g coconut flavor seaweed snack food,28.8g seaweed nori bar snack, these are very popular food.

Nori is a kind of food that is easy to be affected by moisture. The unopened nori can be stored in cold storage, and the constant temperature is more suitable for the preservation of nori. The nori should be taken out as soon as possible after being opened to avoid excessive exposure to the air and dampness of unused nori.

Nori can be placed in food bags with sealing effect. There are many airtight bags with self-sealing mouth or zipper on the market now, which are very convenient to use and can also reduce wet air entry and improve drying effect. For the choice of sealing bags, aluminum is better. In addition to storing nori in airtight bags, use airtight containers with a desiccant that can be used for food, and close the lid tightly. Because the air in the container contains a certain amount of water, so in the choice of desiccant to pay attention to the amount of use, too little may soon be unable to play the role of moisture absorption.