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How to preserve a large quantity of laver?


Laver is a kind of food that most people like, generally, people like to use it to make soup, stir fry, and make dumplings filling, and delicious. The 20g pure laver we buy from the market is usually processed dried laver, which can be kept for a long time under the condition of protection from light and moisture. So, should you buy more nori? Will the price of wholesale laver be very low?

Wholesale laver to a certain amount, the general price will indeed be cheaper, but if only the average consumer, then can't buy so much laver, the price will not be too cheap. Laver wholesale market is mainly for some large demand of the crowd, and stores often take small profits and quick sales business strategy. When ordinary consumers go to the store to buy, there is no discount on the unit price. Of course, some consumers think that, anyway, to eat, and can be stored for a long time, buying more will be cheaper, but the purchase of more laver can not ignore the storage problem of laver, if not properly preserved laver, resulting in the deterioration of laver damp and waste, then we do not recommend hoarding.

When wholesale laver also needs to pay attention to a point, a batch of laver quality is not the same, there will be slight differences. When we buy in the supermarket, we can often choose one bag by one bag, but when we wholesale laver, we always take the goods in big bags. Due to the special properties of laver, it is normal that the quality is slightly different. Not all consumers can accept the price of packaged sales offered by the seller.