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How to pack the seaweed sandwich for easier transportation?


A seaweed sandwich is a favorite snack for many people. In daily life, we can also see a variety of seaweed sandwiches sold everywhere. Seaweed sandwich has a variety of flavors and packaging. What regular packages do you have? Today we will take a look at the types and styles of seaweed sandwich packaging.

A seaweed sandwich is a snack formed by sandwiching various nuts between two pieces of nori. It has a crisp taste and is fragile during transportation. Therefore, the packaging of seaweed sandwiches should consider the problem of fragility and mainly adopt canned or box packaging. Canned heart nori is mainly used in food-grade transparent tubes or tin, each can weigh from 40 grams to 80 grams, the specific net content of each manufacturer will be based on production needs, and specifications are different.

In general, if not particularly violent express transport, canned seaweed sandwich is not easy to break during transport. In addition to canning, there are bags. Since seaweed sandwich is fragile, pallets are generally used for bagged seaweed sandwich, which is loaded into pallets and then bagged, which can provide a buffer to a certain extent and reduce the breakage of seaweed sandwich. No matter what packaging is used, it is recommended to eat the stuffed nori as soon as possible after opening it to avoid dampness.