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What are the nutritional values of nori?


Fujian has become China's one of the main altar laver in raw products distribution center, laver industry has good prospects, by strengthening the technical guidance of seaweed cultivation, specification pan laver breeding normalize coordinated management and technical guidance, and develop seaweed processing industry standardization system, the formation of a certain industry, at the same time, the standardization of seaweed products production and processing enterprises, Continue to develop logistics, storage and refrigeration supporting market, through specialized trading unified regulation, centralized trading, to provide market guarantee for laver production and processing.

Nori is processed from nori, which generally grows on shallow sea rocks and reefs. The colors are purplish red, green purple and black purple, but they turn purple after drying. Laver is rinsed, dehydrated and roasted to give it a crisp texture, especially when it is seasoned and added with salt and other seasonings, making it taste even better, giving it a "seasoned roasted laver," or "nori," as it is often called. Nori produced from laver has high nutritional value, it concentrates the minerals in laver and various B vitamins, especially riboflavin and niacin content is very rich, as well as a lot of carotene and vitamin E, and a small amount of vitamin C.