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Why did the nori supplier tell you to eat it?


Nori is a kind of food that most children and adults like very much. It tastes delicious and can become a lot of delicious nori snack. It is also healthy food in our hearts. What are the nutrients in nori? Let's take a look!

In Japan, there is a saying that "two pieces of nori a day keep the doctor away," which means that nori, like apples, is a portion of food containing many nutrients. Historically, the need for green vegetables and various nutrients was not met due to the limited variety of food, so nori was often eaten.

Rich protein is contained in nori, protein is contained in 100G nori about 40G, what effect does protein have? This substance is the basis for the formation of muscles and internal organs in the human body, so it is very important. In our daily diet, we need to have a rich diet, get a variety of nutrients from food, and keep nutrition balanced.

Nori contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), which is commonly found in herring, knife fish, sardines, etc., and its role is to have certain benefits for the cardiovascular system. Many people buy supplements to use, but may not expect that the humble nori can also contain valuable nutrients.

In addition, nori also contains a variety of minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc., which are essential nutrients for the human body. For example, iron to prevent anemia, calcium, and phosphorus are essential components of bone, and there are also a variety of minerals in nori. Therefore, so many people like to eat nori.

Nori IS known as the "OCEAN VITAMIN TREASURE HOUSE", which also explains that nori is rich in vitamins, mostly B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, and so on.