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What are the key points of nori quality management?


Nori is a kind of food processed from porphyria. Its color is dark green. It has a delicious taste and is often used in Asia. Due to the particularity of nori, when processing dry Porphyra into nori, the quality management of nori manufacturers in the process is very important.

Different nori will show differences in color, luster, and thickness. The quality management of laver manufacturers is to separate these different dry Porphyra one by one, classify them according to their advantages and disadvantages, and apply different baking temperatures, generally 90~110. In addition to the different baking temperatures, the seasoning concentration is also different.

In addition, in the process of selecting dry Porphyra, Porphyra manufacturers should remove serious moisture, damage, shrinkage, chrysanthemum spots, dead vegetables, green algae, diatoms, etc., which contain impurities (such as bamboo) silk, wood, hair, etc.) raw materials are not recommended for feeding processing, so as not to affect product safety, Laver production enterprises must eliminate these impurities in the process of production, otherwise the produced products will seriously affect food safety and consumer personal safety.

For the quality management of nori, the roasting degree of nori is moderate, and the best roasting area accounts for 70%~85% of the whole nori. Sweet, spicy, salty, and other tastes should meet the needs of the sales target. Nori manufacturers should eliminate shredded vegetables, over-roasted, unevenly seasoned nori, and other dishes that should not enter the next process during the inspection.