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Why is nori like a piece of tissue paper?


Nori is a portion of delicious snack food, loved by people of all ages, especially children. The raw material of nori is Porphyra, a common variety of nori. Many nori manufacturers make various kinds of nori into food, such as stuffed nori, nori rolls, and yaki sushi nori, which is common in the market at present. They are very popular.

Do you ever wonder why nori is produced in sheets as thin as paper? In the early days, laver grew naturally and was processed and dried by the spreading method. However, laver was a precious food because of its low yield. Until people started farming streak seaweed, it increases significantly, people will algae milling, pressing, dry as a paper, which is now the prototype of the seaweed, also known as "dry seaweed", in China is called dried seaweed, it is the raw material of seaweed and various seaweed products, a streak of seaweed cultivated seaweed has also become everyone can enjoy the food.