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Why is nori hard to preserve?


Many wholesalers will purchase a lot of nori at one time in the wholesale, but if not properly stored, it will lead to deterioration, causing unnecessary economic losses, therefore, for many people after wholesale nori the biggest worry is how to store nori, prolong its edible period.

The purchased nori should pay attention to avoid light and humidity in storage, and maintain constant temperature and humidity. Nori has strong hygroscopic properties, so it will become soft and absorb water when exposed to humid air. When making sushi, experienced chefs will put the baked yaki sushi nori out in the air, so that the sushi nori can absorb a small amount of water in the air, used to increase the toughness of the sea moss will be greater, when rolled up, the sushi is not easy to break.

Nori must be kept away from moisture and light. Because nori is rich in nutrients, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, and so on are very unstable, and these components are easily decomposed when exposed to sunlight for a long time, making nori discolored, and the economic value of the discolored nori is relatively small, therefore, nori should avoid light and tide.

Of course, if conditions are available, constant temperature and humidity conditions are the most ideal way to preserve nori, especially for wholesalers purchasing large quantities of nori, the use of constant temperature and humidity equipment to preserve it more secure, and ordinary consumers only need to store in dry, cool, avoid light environment.