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Will nori fluctuate in price?


Seaweed is a kind of sea algae food that tastes delicious, is rich in nutrition, can be a little snack eaten in moderation, every day can provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals for the human body, in recent years, with the research and development and production of seaweed, seaweed snacks on the consumer market is becoming richer and richer, at the same time, also had the love of consumers, the market is not the small effect of seaweed. As a food with various uses, nori is made from dried Porphyra by baking. Therefore, the price fluctuation of nori is affected by the raw material Porphyra.

In general, in direct-to-consumer seaweed products, the price is relatively stable, and will not have big fluctuations, these products are based on a fixed price of pricing, and the price will be a year or years gradually rise, the short-term price according to the original ingredients will not change the price, this is because directly to the consumer market, the price is more sensitive, fluctuations in price will have a larger impact at any time, On the other hand, the premium space for such products is relatively large, and the profit is enough to offset the impact of the rising price of raw ingredients.

For yaki sushi nori this kind of product, because the dried laver is after red open directly for packaging, generally sold to sushi, large wholesalers, the price of sushi seaweed are greatly influenced by raw material price fluctuations, this is mainly because the sushi nori using bulk sales, is the main profit margins are relatively small, therefore, when the raw material prices decline, Many businesses will carry out large quantities of materials, then, the price will also fall.

The closer you are to the raw material end, the more you can feel the price fluctuation of nori, and the closer you are to the consumer end, the smaller the impact will be. Of course, the impact on the consumer market after the long-term and substantial increase of raw ingredients cannot be excluded.