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Which snacks use nori as an ingredient?


Yaki sushi nori, seaweed sandwich, and nori rolls are all made from nori. Who doesn't love delicious nori? So do you know what nori is made of? Let me tell you that the raw material of nori is a kind of nori. There are many varieties of nori in China, but as long as it is made from striped nori.

Nori is made from Porphyra. In China, the common nori in daily life is mainly Porphyra and Porphyra. Among them, Porphyra is used for cooking soup, such as prawn seaweed soup, Porphyra egg soup, and so on, and Porphyra is used as raw material for nori.

How does Porphyra turn into delicious nori? At least two major processing steps, primary and secondary processing, are required. The primary processing of nori starts from the collection of protonella, and the processing process of protonella is as follows: collection transportation, storage, cleaning shredding and cleaning pouring cake (frying) drying. After primary processing, Porphyra becomes a papery dried seaweed. The secondary processing is mainly seasoning and frying based on dried nori. Dried laver after secondary processing, showing a dark green, the flavor has become rich. After adding various seasonings, cutting into the size of the nori we see, and packaging, we buy the finished nori.

Isn't it amazing how Porphyra turns into nori? Do you like nori?