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What is the material of seaweed sandwich?


How many ways can I eat nori? It is no exaggeration to say that there are many, many kinds of yaki sushi nori, for example, there are dozens of kinds of yaki sushi nori used in sushi alone, and nori powder can also be used in cooking all kinds of food. There are many kinds of seaweed sandwiches, and the texture is rich.

There are many ways to eat nori, which can be roughly divided into yark sushi nori, leisure nori, and baked nori. In the eyes of nori manufacturers, nori tastes delicious and is rich in nutrition, which can bring economic income to coastal farmers. It is a delicious and nutritious "Marine vegetable". All kinds of ways to eat nori are worth tasting.

Yaki sushi nori is used to make sushi, with rice, vegetables, fish, and other ingredients, very refreshing, two simple pieces of nori with a variety of fillings, into a delicious seaweed sandwich, crisp and delicious, is a small snack child like very much. Nori can also be processed into nori and nori powder, used in baking nori bread, nori meat scallop, and other pastries.

Nori seems to be the star product that many people like. Children like its delicious taste, and most adults like its rich nutrition. We can see a variety of nori products and nori-flavored snacks and loaves of bread, which are deeply loved by consumers.