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What is the change in market demand for laver?


Nori is a kind of roasted laver, its food is 28.8g seaweed nori bar snack,80g canned instant seaweed omelet,300g rice chips,32g sesame topping seaweed pastry,16g BBQ flavor instant roasted crispy seaweed snack,28.8g coconut flavor seaweed snack food,4.5g traditional seasoned seaweed snack, as the raw material of nori, is an important Marine cash crop in China, has a high use value, it is not only rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, trace elements, etc., but also delicious taste, no heat, appropriate use is helpful to our health.

It is understood that as the gradually mature of laver breeding technology and enrich the varieties, laver breeding production is increasing in our country, according to China's fishery statistical yearbook data statistics, 2013-2020, laver breeding production in our country present must rise, to our country laver mariculture production rose by 2020 to 222000 tons, up 4.57% from a year earlier.

In recent years, more and more the laver food related to emergence of snacks, consumers of seaweed production leisure food is very popular and so to see nori seaweed production sector more market and industry development trend, no longer blindly only traditional food, more healthy food types can also be produced by using seaweed.