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What grade of nori is suitable for making sushi nori?


According to the pros and cons of sushi laver can be classified, this may not be a lot of people particularly understand, so, what level of yaki sushi nori is better? What criteria do we use to judge when we buy? Today, sushi nori classification, a simple understanding of the method of judgment.

Sushi laver is divided into A number of grades, in China is generally divided into A, B, C, D, E five grades, among them, grade A is the highest grade, part of the more stringent requirements of the enterprise will be subdivided on the basis of each grade, which is more convenient for consumers to buy. In Japan, the grade of sushi laver is distinguished by color, grade from high to low respectively are gold, silver, blue, green, purple, therefore, when we ask what grade of sushi laver is good, someone will answer is golden roast.

For the determination of sushi nori grades, the industry has many years of experienced teacher to carry out the work, what level of sushi nori is good, the teacher's answer is not A grade, nor gold roast, because they deal with seaweed time for many years, understand the properties of the seaweed, know what level of seaweed is suitable for what, For example, grade A nori with fresh and rich flavor is the most suitable for making seasoned nori, while grade B nori with certain flexibility is not grade A nori suitable for making sushi.