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What are the main techniques for making nori food?


Nori is made from striped nori and is generally divided into dried nori, roasted nori and traditional seasoned seaweed. Among them, dried nori is made after a single processing. Nori is generally used for food processing and simple meals, and can be eaten directly. Grilled nori is dried nori that has been deeply processed and is used in sushi dishes and can also be eaten without adding anything. Flavored nori is dry nori, after secondary processing of the finished product, the processing process with the addition of flavoring liquid.

Nori as a snack, in the production process is usually divided into three kinds, salt, sauce, fried nori. All three processes are deep processing of nori as raw materials. The characteristics of salt-roasted nori are crisp, thin, salty, oily and short shelf life. The nori food made by the sauce burning process tastes fragrant and melts in your mouth. The high quality laver is selected as the raw material and the technology is mature. The nori produced by fried nori technology is crispy in taste, but higher in calories.

Nori is high in fiber, low in calories, and almost no risk of obesity. Nori is a delicious snack that women and children can safely eat. However, nori is usually used as a snack with seasonings based on nori.