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Which seaweed is used to make yaki sushi nori?


The laver we use is mainly divided into two varieties of laver and Porphyra. In the laver processing plant, these two kinds of laver are processed into many products. Although both are laver, their uses are different.

In the laver processing plant, we can see several production lines, mainly divided into the primary processing line and secondary processing line. The primary processing line is to make dried laver from the sea after washing, cake watering, and drying, while the second processing line is to make dried laver into edible products after seasoning and baking.

Most laver manufacturers mainly process laver for the first time, and laver can be packaged and sold after the initial processing. Laver is mainly used to make soup and stir-fry, and some manufacturers will carry out secondary processing to make instant laver.

After primary processing and secondary processing, Porphyra has been made into yaki sushi nori, seasoned nori, nori rolls, seaweed sandwich, and other popular nori products. It can be seen that Porphyra has a huge market. In addition, there is Tess, nori powder, etc., which can bake a variety of nori-style products.

Laver manufacturers process a lot of laver products, and different varieties of laver uses are also different, there are used for cooking laver, and there are also used to make a variety of leisure snacks, both delicious and healthy.