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How to make sushi with yaki sushi nori?


Is yaki sushi nori ready to eat? What can we do with it? Let's take a look at how to eat yaki sushi nori, no matter how complex or simple it is.

The question of how to eat yaki sushi nori, we first need to understand what yaki sushi nori is, and then study how to eat it. Yaki sushi nori is a sea algae food processed with dried Porphyra by baking technology. It has a natural seafood flavor and can be eaten instantly.

So how do we eat yaki sushi nori at home? There are many ways to eat yaki sushi nori, a very common way to eat is to make sushi, DIY sushi is very simple, the main materials include sushi seaweed, sushi vinegar, rice, various vegetables, and meat, tools also only need a sushi bamboo curtain. When making, first spread a piece of yaki sushi nori flat on the sushi bamboo curtain, will use sushi vinegar prepared rice spread on yaki sushi nori, plus a variety of vegetables and meat, roll up the sushi bamboo curtain, and then cut into small pieces, is sushi, to beautiful, can also make a variety of patterns and graphics, taste according to preferences, It can be modulated by itself.

In addition to making sushi, you can also eat instant yaki sushi nori, where you can chop yaki sushi nori and bibimbap, or you can cut yaki sushi nori into small pieces and eat it with ramen. In addition, yaki sushi nori can be used as a baking ingredient, cut into strips or pellets, and then made into fish balls or nori cookies. Yaki sushi nori is perfect for ready-to-eat or baking. If you have no appetite in hot summer, eat yaki sushi nori to start your appetizer.