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How to make sushi with sushi nori?


I think most people have seen sushi, a lot of sushi has a layer of nori on it, if you pay attention when you eat or if you have sushi people will find that there are two sides of nori, one side is smooth, one side is rough, so when you make sushi, which side of yaki sushi nori is on the outside?

Sushi nori does have two sides, we can see that the smooth degree of the two sides of yaki sushi nori is different, which is mainly caused by processing. Seaweed is a streak of seaweed and streak laver after harvested from the sea, cleaned, chopped, pouring of steps, such as cakes, baking in the process of watering cake didn't need to streak laver attached to the bamboo shade, on the other side by suction pressure, sponge by this side of the absorbent sponge press will appear to be smooth, and this side attached to the bamboo curtain is rough, make sushi, The smooth surface of the sushi nori should be shown on the outside.

For yaki sushi nori which side in the outside of the problem, mainly due to two considerations, one is taste, the other is visual. Sushi is a dish that attaches great importance to shape and taste, and it has very high requirements on taste and appearance. The smooth side of sushi laver is dark green and shiny, while the other side is rough and matte. When we eat sushi in our mouth, it is easier to touch the smooth side.