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What ingredients are needed to make sesame seaweed sandwich?


The sesame seaweed sandwich is crispy and refreshing, really delicious, and the nori becomes crispy after baking. When paired with sesame, the sweet maltose is mixed with the aroma of sesame, and the more you eat it, the more fragrant it becomes.

A sesame seaweed sandwich is a favorite snack for many people. Its taste is richer than potato chips, and it will not get tired if you eat more. More importantly, a sesame seaweed sandwich is healthier than potato chips. We eat sesame seaweed sandwiches during busy work but also can play a role in hunger, the taste is pleasing; old people also like to eat sesame seaweed sandwiches, which taste fresh but not greasy, with healthy and delicious ingredients.

How do you make such a delicious sesame seaweed sandwich? What raw materials are used in the production of sesame seaweed sandwiches? The raw materials of sesame-stuffed nori are very common, such as nori, sesame, honey, malt syrup, soy sauce, etc. Generally, the shelf life of a sesame seaweed sandwich is 6-12 months. The products processed by equipment and not exceeding the standard of bacterial colonies rarely use some preservatives and other additives, but they need to avoid light and moisture.

Nori is rich in protein, calcium, iodine, and other elements, is a kind of delicious and nutritious seaweed, For leisure time eat a few pieces of sesame seaweed sandwich, to add some energy to the body, and add some delicious mouth!