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What ingredients are needed to make seaweed sandwich?


Delicious nori is a very familiar snack for us. It can be made into a variety of delicious dishes, among which seaweed sandwich is very popular. A seaweed sandwich is a combination of two pieces of nori and a sandwich. Since the sandwich has a variety of ingredients to choose from, the seaweed sandwich also has many flavors.

Seaweed sandwich with sesame is a popular nori snack. Nori is a very healthy food with many nutritional ingredients. Nuts are often used in a sandwich, which also contains many beneficial ingredients.

Seaweed sandwich is very convenient to buy, and some people will make their own, preparing sushi nori, sesame, honey, soy sauce, sugar, and other ingredients, in addition, you need to use an oven. First, choose appropriate sushi nori, cooked white sesame seeds, or fried sesame seeds, if it is for young children to eat, the amount of salt can be reduced or not put. Then, white granulated sugar, soy sauce, and honey are boiled into a sauce, brushed on sushi nori, sprinkled with cooked white sesame, covered with sushi nori, and slightly pressed with a rolling pin, which can not only make the sandwich nori smooth but also make the fusion between nori and white sesame. Finally, the compacted seaweed sandwich is put into the oven for baking. It is recommended that the temperature be controlled at about 120to avoid burning flavor during high-temperature baking.

After baking, the seaweed sandwich should not be rushed. It can be cut into small pieces after being completely cool. After making, it should be sealed and preserved to avoid dampness.