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How to make nori from porphyra?


Porphyra generally grows in the sea area of north China. This kind of porphyra is pressed into thin sheet nori after special processing such as shearing, drying and baking. In the south, it is the altar laver, which is simply dried to make ordinary laver in the shape of a pancake.

Laver is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, dietary fiber and a variety of B vitamins and other nutrients. Nori, on the other hand, has all the nutrients of normal nori and is rich in trace elements such as iodine and selenium.

Nori is convenient to eat because it is a processed product, such as 4.5g traditional seasoned seaweed snack,16g BBQ flavor instant roasted crispy seaweed snack,80g canned instant seaweed omelet,300g rice chips,32g sesame topping seaweed pastry,28.8g coconut flavor seaweed snack food,28.8g seaweed nori bar snack, which can be eaten by opening a bag, but ordinary nori needs to be cooked and processed before it can be eaten.

Laver and nori are very popular food, delicious, rich in nutrition, edible value is very high.