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How to make laver into nori?


The raw material used to produce nori is laver. This trivia helps a lot of people improve their understanding of nori. Of course, not all nori can be used to produce nori. In China, Porphyra is mainly used to produce nori, so how to process Porphyra into nori?

The first is the picking and initial processing of raw materials. It is worth noting that nori manufacturers, which pay attention to quality, usually choose fresh laver picked within 24 hours. Fresh laver is very delicate, and the nutritional value, appearance value, and taste of laver over 24 hours will be greatly reduced. The laver factory will clean the collected laver several times and then process it again to process fresh Porphyra into dry laver. The processing process includes cleaning, shredding, washing, mixing, cake making, dehydration, drying, stripping, and other processes.

High-quality dried Porphyra is selected. This process includes the selection and grading of dried laver raw materials that have been processed once. Rigorous nori manufacturers will also carry out metal testing to ensure safety. For the selection of dried Porphyra laver, the main task is to select the dry laver containing impurities and poor quality. The classification of dried laver is divided into five grades from high to low: A, B, C, D, and E.

Finally, it is the secondary processing and packaging of dried laver, which includes the selection of raw materials, seasoning solution configuration, baking seasoning, secondary baking, slicing, packaging, etc. Thus, laver becomes nori and can also be used to make various nori products, such as roasted seaweed rolls, seaweed sandwich, yaki sushi nori, and so on.