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How to make dried laver?


Sushi nori is made of dried laver, so do you know how dry laver is made into sushi laver slices?

Sushi nori is delicious, paper-like, thin and elastic, dark green in color, and smells faintly of seafood. So how does delicious food come from? How to make dried nori into yaki sushi nori slices? First let's take a look at how seaweed grown in the sea is processed into dried laver, a process known in the industry as "one-time processing." Laver is harvested from the sea and then washed, chopped, baked and dried. The laver is magically transformed into a piece of dried dark brown laver that looks like paper.

The process of turning dried nori into sushi nori flakes is not a mystery. It uses far-infrared grilling technology, which turns the dark brown dried nori into a beautiful dark green, with a lingering umami flavor. The application effect of this technology is very excellent, it can accurately control the temperature of nori production line, can evenly bake dried laver, maintain the fresh flavor of nori, but also avoid the phenomenon of burning.