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What are the main flavors of seaweed sandwich?


A seaweed sandwich is a common casual snack, sweet and crisp, with two slices of salty nori stuffed with a variety of delicious nuts, people can't stop eating. Many children like to eat seaweed sandwich, and some handy mothers try to make their own seaweed sandwiches at home. The biggest difficulty in making a seaweed sandwich is how to glue the sandwich and nori together.

Sticking the nori and the sandwich together requires a special kind of "glue", which of course is not our usual glue, and the food that children eat needs to be made safe first. When we make this "glue" we need to prepare some ingredients, maltose, and honey.

The recipe is very simple, prepare a few pieces of nori, stir fry a variety of nuts and then crush. Add a little water to the pot, pour the maltose and honey into the container, heat the water, and boil, while cooking with a little water, you can add a little soy sauce to taste until the syrup water is thinner than the maltose.

Take a small piece of nori and brush it with the boiled syrupy water, then sprinkle it evenly with the chopped nuts, brush it with a layer of malt syrup, cover it with a piece of nori and press it down gently. Those who like sesame-stuffed nori can put sesame, those who like pumpkin seeds can put pumpkin seeds, and those who like almonds can put almonds. We can also make a seaweed sandwich by mixing various nuts into a nutrient-rich mixed nut crumble.

The compacted seaweed sandwich needs to be baked in the oven, where it will become crunchy. When baking, attention should be paid to the baking temperature should be appropriate, not too high or too long, otherwise, nori is easy to roast, and produce a bitter taste.