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Lilv Group Corporate Video

Lilv Group, a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and a national high-tech enterprise; the main business is laver, ins......

15 seedling raising procedures to see seaweed laver return in spring

Xiapu, China, has unique natural environment and climate conditions, long coastline, numerous natural independent harbors, subtropical monsoon h......

Lilv group relies on category matrix to leverage the 10 billion marine snack market

In recent years, the marine leisure snack industry has risen rapidly, and has subdivided into seaweed, laver, fish products and other diversifie......

Vitality + rejuvenation + explosive seaweed!

Chasing the tide of nori industry, many food industry leaders have also stepped into the market to break the pattern of the original nori mar......

Lilv group won the award from Thai Vice Prime Minister Bakin Air Force General

"There are outstanding people at the source of the Silk Road, and Siam, a new star in the overseas Chinese community, is thriving!"On March 28, ......

Relying on seaweed resources, Lilv group realizes diversified development

Porphyra yezoensis has a long history of cultivation and consumption in China. It has a variety of varieties, such as Porphyra yezoensis, Porphyra h......

Lilv Food Group, gather in Xiapu for good Travel

The autumn wind bursts, the air is crisp and the clouds are high It's a good time to travel In October, the group organized a group tour o......

Yaki Nori Manufacturing Flow

We treat seaweed snacks sereously. And believe the snacks can bring people joy....

The Nutrition of Roasted Seaweed

Simple and convenient green food, the nutrition of roasted seaweed is beyond your imagination. Welcome to taste. #Nori#seaweed#laver#algae#greenfood......

seaweed sandwich China manufacturer

China's ability to produce seaweedsandwiches with excellent quality can be attributed to several factors,including abundant seaweed resources,advance......

seaweed sandwich factory offer

The packaging of seaweedsandwiches can have several effects on a factory's offer, which may include pricing, marketability, and overall product qualit......

seaweed sandwich China supplier

Looking for a seaweedsandwichChinese supplier might be driven by several factors that could make China an attractive source for this product.Seaweed s......
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