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What are the commonly used laver varieties?


Laver is a kind of large economic seaweed mainly produced in China. In taxonomy, it belongs to the phylum red algae, the class Red algae, the order Red seaweed, the family red seaweed, laver. Pan laver as a kind of excellent high protein, low fat sea food, it is nutritious, delicious, dried laver is one of the very traditional Chinese seaweed products, its protein content reaches 30% ~ 50%, also rich in vitamins and a variety of essential amino acids and inorganic salts, in addition, the dietary fiber content is very rich also, compared with other vegetable food, Better quality. Among the 134 known laver varieties, the main ones for industrial artificial cultivation are porphyra and Laver, which are also the main ones for cultivation in China.

Before the early 1960s, China's laver breeding industry has not really formed, but after more than 40 years of development, China's laver breeding and processing has formed in the south of Fujian, Zhejiang and other places to porphyra, jiangsu, Shandong and other places in the north to porphyra, From seedling cultivation, sea cultivation, primary processing (single sheet dry laver), secondary processing (the first processing into sheet dry laver seasoning, baking, packaging and other processing into convenient seaweed food) to foreign trade and export complete supporting industries.

There are many laver food processing enterprises in China, and the products are mainly divided into two series: altar laver and striped laver. The processed products of altar laver mainly from Fujian and Zhejiang are laver cake; Jiangsu strip laver processing enterprises to introduce, absorb advanced laver processing equipment and technology, the production of standard laver slices and baked laver.