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What grade can laver quality be divided into?


In the process of laver wholesale, many people are not very clear about the grade of laver, today we will look at how to distinguish the grade of laver wholesale and how to choose the right laver.

First, it's important to understand the levels of pure laver, which are usually divided into five main levels: Grade A, B, C, D, and E, on the basis of the detailed division of more small levels to choose from, such as A, also can be divided into A, A, A three levels, mainly according to the presence of impurities, specialization, green algae, holes, etc, in order to facilitate everybody in the process of laver wholesale better according to their own needs to choose the appropriate laver.

In the process of laver wholesale, should pay special attention to their own requirements, high performance/price ratio, and wholesale of seaweed, if particularly high demand for raw materials, you need to choose high-grade seaweed, prices are relatively higher, however, if we can allow for the possibility of little green algae, can choose a slightly lower grade, compared to the top ranks of the price will be lower.

From the use of seaweed, fresh seaweed or dried seaweed, Suggestions for each material condition, save a laver wholesale cost and make various grades of seaweed have it better play to utility, work out the delicious products, for example, if you want to make seasoning seaweed, need a tender delicious taste, so suggest that we choose the high grade, when laver wholesale if it is used to make roasted seaweed, You can choose a certain level of toughness, too tender seaweed is not suitable.