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What laver products are available in China?


At present, laver has been processed into a variety of delicious dishes, that appear on our table. The basic forms of laver processing are drying, baking and seasoning. In recent years, with the nutritional evaluation and food innovation of laver, there have been some fried and other ingredients of laver snacks.

Freeze-dried nori is a kind of seaweed that is washed and dried into thin slices in the primary processing process and can be eaten directly. It is commonly used as an easy-to-preserve raw material of nori. When dried laver is roasted, its cell walls are destroyed, emitting a fragrance and promoting digestion and absorption. Seasoned nori is baked nori coated in a sauce and dried in a drying pan, with the added sauce often retaining each company's unique recipe.

There are three main ways to preserve laver. The first is cryopreservation, where laver is placed at -25°C to -30°C to inhibit oxygen activity and prevent quality deterioration, which is the best choice for preserving laver. The second method is to store with a deoxidizer, slowly draw out the air stored in the storage bag and make it into an anaerobic state to prevent the oxidation of amino acids and other components and ensure high quality. The third is cold storage, at 0~5refrigeration, although not up to the effect of freezing, if used together with deoxidizer, the effect is good.

We provide a wide variety of nori products all over the world, such as sushi nori, roasted seaweed rolls, stuffed nori, etc. To meet the various needs of customers, different products need to be stored correctly according to their characteristics to reduce deterioration and other wastage problems.