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What does laver process product have?


Laver is a very delicious edible seaweed, and there are many laver foods on the market. Our country laver main varieties have altar laver and striped laver, altar laver is mainly used to make soup, and striped laver is mainly used to make nori. Pan laver food according to the different processing technology, mainly can be divided into flavored laver, salt roasted laver, laver cooking sauce.

Flavored laver, also known as flavored laver, adds seasonings and ingredients needed according to the development of the product. It tastes salty and sweet, melts in your mouth, and is nutritious and delicious.

Salt-roasted laver is a combination of good salt sprinkled on freshly picked laver and baked to combine the salt and the taste of the laver. Salted laver is thicker than seasoned laver, but because the taste of salted laver is slightly stronger, seasoned laver is healthier for children and the elderly.

Laver cooking sauce is made from fresh raw nori and slowly cooked with a secret soup, making laver softer and more delicious than seasoned and salted laver without ruining the taste of laver.