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How do laver manufacturers improve laver quality?


In the laver breeding process, laver manufacturers there need to attach too much importance to the production of link, that is the storage and refrigerated laver breeding net, also known as frozen mesh or frozen, the refrigerated network will have come into the seaweed in the sea aquaculture net curtain to retrieve, stored in a cold store, at that time, laver online seedling emergence, in the case of outbound can hang in Marine culture, The application of refrigeration net can make the seedlings grow vigorously and harvest high-quality 20g pure laver.

The application of refrigerated network technology in production can be traced back to the 1960s. Its application and promotion have greatly improved the variety of laver in the laver industry, expanded the planting area, and prevented some diseases and pests during the cultivation of laver. At present, many laver manufacturers use cold nets in the culture process. When a laver is cultured in the sea, many complex factors, such as sea temperature, light, water quality, transparency, and waves, will affect the quality and harvest of a laver.

Operation of refrigeration network technology to increase shell spore plants, spare net curtain, and storage costs, but can get high-quality seaweed, laver also can sell a good price with good quality, especially the export level, nori manufacturer has carried on the segmentation, refrigerated network quality nori with higher competitiveness, more popular with the high-end customers.

Secondly, the laver manufacturers need to prepare the problem of standby screen, in the cultivation of laver, need to prepare a part of the standby screen, so that when the disease spread in the breeding area of other laver can continue to grow.