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How to choose laver manufacturers for procurement?


Laver is a popular food in China. Wholesale laver mainly has two varieties, one is altar laver, the other is striped laver, among which altar pure laver is generally used to do soup, it tastes delicious, is widely eaten by people. However, porphyria is mainly used to make nori, and the raw material for various nori products is Porphyra.

If you need to the wholesale laver, how to choose the source of wholesale laver? Let's take a look at how the industry is choosing. The choice of wholesale supply of laver is not so difficult as imagine, there are two main points, one is to learn to distinguish the quality of laver, and the second is to understand the characteristics and use of laver. Master these two principles, laver wholesale sourcing is no longer difficult.

Look at the quality of laver, distinguish the quality of laver, is to look at the appearance, smell, and taste. Check the appearance of the laver is smooth, whether there are holes and miscellaneous algae, the smell of the laver has no odor, and the taste of the laver is fresh. The higher the quality of laver, the smoother and glossy the appearance, the more naturally aromatic the smell, no peculiar smell, fresh and tender taste, according to this method can not be wrong to choose laver.

In addition, we need to understand the characteristics and uses of laver. In the wholesale of laver, it is particularly important to understand this point, different levels of laver, the price is different, characteristics are different, for example, the early stage of laver is relatively tender, the late taste of laver is slightly older, which determines the wholesale laver to choose quality according to its use.

To use nori for seasoning, it is recommended to choose tender nori, while for sushi, nori needs to have a certain toughness to avoid breaking when making sushi. We should pay attention to our own needs when wholesale laver, to find a good source of goods.