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How to choose the procurement of laver manufacturers?


No matter what you buy, people always think that if the manufacturer sells it directly, the price will be cheaper. Is that true? We should treat this problem dialectically. Where there is a cheap wholesale pure laver, must be the origin of laver, this is beyond doubt. Due to the characteristics of laver, it needs to be processed into dried laver immediately after being picked in the sea. The cold chain cost is expensive. Therefore, it can be purchased in the place of origin, which can save a lot of costs.

Mostlaver producers gather near the LAver breeding area, which is mainly to facilitate the timely processing of the collected laver ashore, so as to avoid the occurrence of rot and other phenomena, and help reduce the loss of laver. So, if you have a large number of laver procurement needs, you can find the right laver manufacturers.

The price of a laver is affected by many factors, such as region, breeding company, and harvesting order. Laver is special in nature because dried laver is priced according to the grade, the higher the grade, the higher the price, and the lower the grade, the lower the price. For ordinary consumers, there is no experience to distinguish between the grade marked by the manufacturer and the actual product is consistent, there may be a grade and price mismatch, at this time it is recommended to choose regular, large-scale laver manufacturers.

In addition, laver wholesale manufacturers direct sales, and wholesale volume also has requirements. If the purchase is not large, even finding the right manufacturer may not get the wholesale price, and the distance is far, the cost to the factory will become higher, therefore, if the wholesale quantity of laver is small, it is not recommended to go directly to the laver manufacturer wholesale, at this time, the choice of reliable dealers is also a good choice.