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What laver manufacturer recommends?


At present, laver has become important economic algae in some coastal areas of our country. After years of development, the processing of laver has formed an industrial cluster advantage.

A streak of nori seaweed is a raw material for the production of seaweed and the production pattern of the seaweed industry in China is mainly distributed in the Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region, breeding, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and promotion, Jinjiang Force Green Food Co., Ltd. Is a have seaweed production processing capacity of enterprises, the whole industry chain can provide all kinds of seaweed and seaweed products, A wide variety of products, including 20g pure laver,13.5g sushi nori for family,16g instant seafood vegetable nori snack,80g canned instant seaweed omelet,300g rice biscuit,32g sesame topping seaweed pastry,28.8g coconut flavor seaweed snack food,35g canned seaweed thin,12g seasoned nori snack, and so on.

Seaweed is made from a streak of seaweed processing, and has a very high nutritional value, at present, the market is very popular seaweed processing the main products are sushi nori, sandwich, seaweed, sea Tess, seaweed powder, etc., among them, the sushi nori mainly in the catering industry is used for making all kinds of sushi, boarding, etc, and sandwich seaweed are leisure snacks, seaweed broad consumer groups Because nori itself has the concept of green health, most consumers can accept it, and various snacks processed with nori are also very recognized and sought after by the market.

The development of the seaweed processing industry has promoted the research and development and sales of seaweed products, which have a variety of types and tastes and can meet the needs of different people. As fast-moving consumer goods, seaweed has a variety of eating scenes and a wide range of people, and the prospect of the seaweed industry is infinite, which also brings economic benefits to coastal fishermen.