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How does laver manufacturer produce nori?


Speaking of nori, you must be familiar with it! It's delicious and nutritious food, but why is it made by laver manufacturers? In fact, the raw material of nori is Porphyra, yes, nori is produced by nori, but not all kinds of nori can be used to produce nori, therefore, can not say that laver is nori.

Modern laver manufacturers processed the laver prototype, similar to the method of paper processing nori, its character is a piece, and thin as paper, eat very crisp.

Today, in some coastal areas of China, we can see many laver manufacturers. After being harvested ashore, laver is produced and processed into nori. It is also a common food for many families and catering industries. How do laver manufacturers produce nori?

At present, some nori manufacturers are still using the ancient method when producing nori, maintaining strict production rules and taking pride in producing high-quality nori. Laver production is highly seasonal. After autumn each year, laver seedlings are incubated in oyster shells, and then thrown into sea water with fishing nets to grow for about 30 days. After the laver germinates, laver is "first picked", which is very fresh and tender. After the first harvest, nori continues to grow and can be picked again every 15 days or so.

The harvested laver needs to be finely classified and processed by the machine and then become the familiar nori. Laver manufacturers will judge the grade of laver, and use different grades to distinguish the merits of laver. Different uses need to choose the appropriate grade, not the higher the grade the more appropriate.