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What snacks can laver make?


Laver is a common food on the table in China, South Korea, Japan and other countries. In China, laver is a traditional food material used to make various laver soup, while in Japan and South Korea, laver is made into sushi and nori is used to make sushi and other food. However, in recent years, laver is no longer just used as an ingredient, but is used to make various snacks, such as crispy yaki nori snack,omelet,rice crackers,seaweed puff pastry,roasted seaweed roll,seaweed sandwich,traditional seasoned seaweed.

Laver itself is a nutritious, delicious food material, rich in protein, a variety of vitamins and trace elements, it as a raw material to make nori and various nori food, is very popular around.

Recently, laver has gained more and more attention in the West as its delicious taste and nutritional value has gained international recognition. Laver is abundant in many areas in China, mainly distributed in the intertidal zone from the Yellow and Bohai seas to the southeast coastal areas. It can not only supply the domestic market, but also export to other countries, and the export volume is on the rise.

Compared to laver made into dishes, all kinds of laver made snacks, more loved by everyone. In supermarkets, convenience stores, online shopping platforms, purchase is very convenient, outing, friends and other occasions, is a good time to eat laver snacks.